Curbside Haikus : when poetry supports road safety

Imagine a world
Where your every move matters.
Welcome to that world.

A sudden car door
Cyclist’s story rewritten.
Fractured narrative.

These Haikus captionned the new colorful artworks safety signs that have been put in at many high-crash locations in New York. The series called « Curbside Haikus » features 12 designs by artist John Morse that mimic the style of traditional street safety signs with accompanying haikus. Each one express a different safety message by focusing on one transportation mode.

The « Curbside Haikus » initiative is an education and public art campaing launched last November by New York City Department of Transportation (DOT). The campaign aims to make all street users aware of the importance of shared responsability to keep NY City’s streets safe. To draw attention, the DOT chosed a short form of Japanese poetry that juxtapose images or ideas to highlight the manner in which the elements are related.

… Exactly like different users of the street are, both separate and related.

Poetry to support road safety. What a great idea ! And what great wishes for 2012. So, I wish you all a poetical and safe year, in New York or anywhere else.


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